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All-in-one software solution built for scale companies. MyCal+ is a cloud-based SaaS program offering numerous features, with more to come.

Designed for a scale industry

Finally, an affordable software solution that tracks everything crucial to scale company operations, from phone calls to invoices. Accessible on your mobile device (Android now, iOS coming soon) or any web-connected device.

With over seven years of continuous improvements

Four major versions later, we have the all-inclusive Service Order/Calibration Certificate app that scale companies have been needing for years, all at an affordable price.

Amazing Features

Experience the Benefits of MyCal+
MyCal+ streamlines your operations with an intuitive dashboard, providing quick insights into technician performance, billables, closed service orders, and calibrations. Service managers will always know where their team is and what tasks remain. Features include built-in scheduling, optional manual scheduling, a shared and public technical library, task management for non-billable items, and a comprehensive history for every service order and calibration.

Increase Profits

Never forget to calibrate with preventive maintenance.

Multi-User Access

Overview of Who's Doing What, with 5-Year History Retention


Income, Service Orders, Calibrations, Technicians, Customers, and More

Increase Efficiency

Centralized Service/Job Management


Less Time on Paperwork - More Money in Your Pocket

UI Interface

Intuitive. No Expertise Required
These are the guiding design principles for MyCalPlus. Our calibration and work order software is designed to do more than just store certificates; it evolves to meet the needs of any scale calibration company and its customers.

The MyCal+ Mobile App

Goodbye Disorganized Stack of Forms and Written Documents
Gives your techs instant access to job instructions, scale locations, model and serial numbers, technical documents, key customer information, and more on their mobile phone or tablet. Even with no internet connection. No laptop required.

Anywhere, Anytime

Assign Work, Create Certificates, and Track Everything Onlin
Helps you manage work by identifying upcoming jobs assigned to your techs. Monitor progress on each service order or task, and completed certificates are automatically uploaded online. Technicians don’t need a live internet connection during service; all work is stored on the phone and synced once back online.

All in One Cloud Solution

We handle all the software headaches, updates, backups, and security. Use it with any web-enabled computer, and the mobile app runs on any Android phone. It’s that simple.
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