Our history

Core value

The rest of the story is about our values, our people, our passion, and our way of running a business.

The goal is to be 99 % online, so our customers and their customers can have access to MyCal+ almost non stop. From everywhere in the world.

Feature rich, bug free softer is constant pursuit, and that is exactly what we are doing. Taking care about db, code – even code comments, features, user experience, eliminating bugs and more…

Our customers play a huge role in the development of our products, we are listening very carefully what they need. They participate Brainstorm sessions, where they suggest capabilities they would like to see in MyCal+.

So far we have over 200 users, some of them use MyCal+ in daily, some of them periodically, we make sure all of them are happy. In addition to that we are proud to say that so far 750+ k $  and counting, went through MyCal+.

Our team

Core MyCal+ team members
We carefully chose people who are core of  the MyCal+, All of them are good, hardworking and skilled individuals, to witch i am grateful for their contribution and support.
Emir Zaimovic

Emir Zaimovic

Project manager
Develop MyCal+ from ground up. Design DB, write code, manage people, lead project, and lots more..
Edin Salkovic

Edin Salkovic

Web Developer
Responsible for the toughest MyCal+ server features and bugs.
Top supporters

Top supporters

Top supporters (with ideas and recommendations): Kyle Crane, Daryl Farlow, Mat Hale... They contribute with business logic and great ideas witch shapes and improves MyCal+. Thanks.