Powerful Tools & Features

Ps. MyCal+ is contantly improving, you may find features in MyCal+ which are not described here.
  • MyCal+ is an advanced multi-role certificate retrieval system (each group of users, role, will see it differently), with the ability to easily keep up with your growth, simply add more locations, technicians, managers, customers, its locations ….
  • Monitor/manage service orders, sales, tasks …
  • Reduce time spent managing paperwork, make more money
  • Never forget to calibrate scale or any other metrology item
  • Work smoothly in remote areas without internet connection
  • 99 % Time online all year round with more features to come


Most inportant features in one place.
  • View/Manage Service orders, Tasks, Sales lead (coming soon)
  • Top customers, top technicians, top-selling PALs
  • Graphs: Jobs, Calibrations, Estimate income
  • Total: Jobs, PALs, Certs, Users
  • Weather forecast – if you travel out the town

Service Order

aka Jobs
  • Manage Service Orders in all stages, from Reported to Completed.
  • S.O. and Cal. data are signed and generated to pdf’s
  • Your customer can track and access it from their account
  • As an additional feature S.O. can be filtered by date range, or by its property
  • Manual Scheduler – manually create S.O. with customer(s) inventory
  • Auto Scheduler – auto-create S.O with customer(s) inventory selected, it is run every 1st and 15th of the month
  • eMail notification – on new S.O., on completed S.O., on closed S.O. notify your customer

Sales lead

  • Tack all from Sales Lead to closing a deal
  • Monitor/Manage meetings, documents, PALs …
  • Email notification on closed S.L.


  • Task/Manage internal tasks. If a task is bigger and it needs to be done in multiple sessions, there is the option to track time(s)
  • Email notification on assigned Task


aka calibrated tools, equipment
  • Ability to track/manage standards (calibrated tools or equipment) used in calibrations
  • Track who is using what end where also track when standards are due
  • Auto Scheduler creates Task referencing standards that are due, so you won’t forget to calibrate those either
  • Standards which are 1 month before due will be labeled with yellow, ones which are due with red


metrology items
  • This feature is like CRS, Certificate Retrieval System, Upload manually certificates for all other types of metrology items, like Thermometers, Pressure meters, Electric meters, Frequency meters…
  • Auto Scheduler for metrology is run every 1st and 15th in the month generating S.O. so you won’t forget to calibrate those items also.


aka equipment documentation
Upload and share equipment documentation. The benefit from this feature is that companies can upload and share with other companies equipment documentation. As a result that cuts down operating costs, since these documents are sometimes up to 50+ $ to purchase, if you need a lot of them, well you do the math.
  • In a case document is shared – others have a read-only option
  • In a case document is private – it is company internal document
We actually encourage you to share these documents with others, so we all have big documentation DB. 


Preview, manage:
  • Settings: Mails, Messages, Start/End working hours, File Templates (traditional & modern)
  • Roles: Roles available with permissions
  • Account: Personal data, eMail notifications
  • Activity: logins, unauthorized access
  • Deleted items: who deleted what and when

Android side

in general
  • We wanted to create a good user experience in all conditions. In remote areas where the internet is weak or unavailable app can be used normally, once it reaches the internet it will automatically sync. data
  • Multi-role approach – every user group, role, will see it differently, just like server-side
  • Documents, Service history, Manuals, and Procedures …  anything you may need to complete/order/track the job at his/her fingertips.
  • Lots of similar (sometimes the same) features like on the server side but with android soul, down below only extra features will be described.


what i need to know ?
Synchronization is background process witch ensures data sync. beatweean client and server.  If app is in use it runs every minute, if not every 15 in working hours range, outside of that every hour.
  • From settings you can select sync interval for last: 3, 6, 12 months or all
  • Sync all PDF files – downloads all pdf files, if selected sync may take much  much longer
Notice that green line means: sync in action, yellow – sync on hold, red – server unavailable, no matter the color you can use the app , and when server/internet connection gets available data will be transmitted.
  • Pull/Push buttons in a bottom of each form pull/push buttons may be found, depending from settings. There are situations when sync, although it is pretty reliable, it is not done its job, feel free to push/pull data to/from server.
  • Initiate full sync under settings there is option to manually initiate full sync it may be useful in situation when you want to force sync, usually it starts couple seconds after

QR Scanner

aka barcode scanner
Scan QR code and get, really fast:
  • Scale/Metrology item – service and parts history
  • Request Service – in a case scale/metrology item needs service
  • Service Order, Calibration certificate – find file on a system with much more data
  • Search library – search for scale/metrology item (service) manual
  • Search Google – good old way
Note: you will be able to scan only items which are part of your organization.


app setup
There is lots of tweaks, some of them listed below:
  • System: Pull/Push buttons, Login Time, Skip Splash Screen …
  • Sync & Data: System Info, Sync Interval, Sync Status …
  • Users’s staff: My Account, My Signature, Export Data, Feedback|Report Issue ..
  • Info: About Us, Terms of use

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Benefits to your enterprise

Being affordable so the little guy has access to the similar technology that the bigger guys have

With MyCal+ it eliminates time spent in boring paperwork, 90 % of the work can be done on the fly.  Monitor and track all your customer’s inventory notifying you what items are due, while avoiding costly excess trips to the same area and the potential of losing a customer from an oversight “missed calibration”.

Our base package will fit most small-scale companies we target, with the ability to easily keep up with its growth, simply add more locations, technicians, managers…

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